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A heated canopy providing shelter for a golf club's outdoor dining area on a rainy day

Four benefits of a restaurant canopy

By: Oli Birch Category: CanopiesExternal Solutions

Earlier this year, we identified three benefits of installing a canopy outside a classroom at a school, college or university campus. However, education isn’t the only sector that can benefit from a canopy.

Hospitality venues can also add to their armoury by installing one to enhance and maximise their outdoor space.

In this piece, we identify four benefits of a restaurant canopy by discussing:

  • Event space
  • Use throughout the year
  • Increased covers
  • Return on investment

Event space

The versatility of a canopy gives restaurants freedom to be creative.

And one of the many benefits of installing a canopy is the possibility for a restaurant to host private events separate from their main area.

Approaching the summer period, for example, a canopy can provide additional space which could be hired out for any activities like weddings or space to watch live sports. Vineyards and breweries could offer sheltered outdoor tasting throughout the year. Golf clubs could use the space for big society dinners in the summer.

The Liberta Retractable Roof Canopy in use at Alresford Golf Club's Pro-Am event, providing shading on their restaurant patio area.

On the other hand, canopies could also be used for smaller or more formal events, such as corporate meetings away from the office or a networking event.

The possibilities are endless.

Use of an outdoor area, whatever the weather

Canopies allow restaurants to host events throughout the year no matter what the weather.

Lean-to canopies are perhaps the best option if you’re looking to extend from the building. They’re fitted directly to a wall which creates a weatherproof seal and offers an easy flow for guests using the space.

A free-standing apex or mono-pitch canopy would be a more suitable option if you’re looking to cover a slightly more open area away from the building. We identify the differences between the two in greater detail here.

Fixed safety glass panels and sliding doors or hinged aluminium and glass doors can also be fitted to either frame for ultimate protection from the elements.

Increased covers

One of the biggest benefits for venues serving food and drink is the ability to increase the number of covers.

Canopies maximise your outdoor space by providing additional seating, which not only reduces waiting times for customers, but also helps to boost profits.

If we take a 10m x 5m canopy as an example, this would create space for approximately eight 1.2m square tables to be installed, meaning your venue could host an additional 32 covers.

Restaurant Canopy with a retractable roof

Return on investment

The men’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 was a great example of how a canopy can help restaurants get a return on their investment.

Traditionally, pubs and bars would have been able to accommodate fans inside and outside of their venues with relative ease, as football’s showcase event is usually held during the summer.

But with the tournament taking place during winter in the UK, the industry took a huge financial hit. According to Simply Business, pubs were set to miss out on approximately £155million due to the event being moved from summer to winter.

The schedule clashed with the festive period, when pubs and restaurants are usually at their busiest, meaning they were forced to make a compromise between showing games and taking Christmas bookings.

Having a canopy could’ve help to reduce this blow, however. The additional space would have allowed venues to continue to host party bookings while also showing the tournament and generating additional revenue.


All four of the benefits intertwine with one another, highlighting just how restaurants can benefit from a canopy.

If you’re considering a canopy for your restaurant, then take a look at this blog where we outline how much a canopy costs, on average, and how quickly venues could get a return on their investment.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or upcoming projects then please get in touch with us here, and our expert team can assist you!

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