Our Sustainability Commitment


At Waverley Exteriors, we understand the importance of taking responsibility for the effect we have on the environment, especially when it comes to our carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on being an ethical company with family values and, as such, are committed to sustainability.

Ecological construction, the concept of a whole project being designed from a sustainable point of view, is a topic high on our agenda. As well as auditing our suppliers, embracing carbon emission saving in our supply chain and implementing more environmentally friendly processes within our factories, we’re also focussing on green construction.

Green construction is developing, building, and managing a structure in a way that complies with universal principles of environmental sustainability, reducing its negative impact on the environment. A sustainable structure takes into consideration the environment and the future by studying the setting, ambient noise, recyclable materials, the aesthetics of the landscape, and the health and wellbeing of those who use it.

Our Exterior products help to reduce energy consumption across the globe as they encourage people outside, they also improve occupant’s health and wellbeing by increasing vitamin D and fresh air consumption. Our aluminium canopy range is fully recyclable, and our carports generate clean, renewable energy and charge electric vehicles on-site. What’s more, our garden rooms can be operated through solar panels, for standalone power or they can even direct power back to the property.

The whole concept of external shelter and shading is of benefit to the environment, and we hope our products can help our customers embrace the great outdoors, along with a more sustainable future.

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