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A canopy outside a classroom at Graven Hill surrounded by a play area

Three benefits of having a canopy outside your classroom

By: Oli Birch Category: Canopies

Canopies offer a plethora of benefits to schools looking to make the most of their outside space, from sheltered walkways to outdoor learning opportunities.

However, one of the lesser-known advantages of canopies is they also offer a lot to schools when it comes to interior spaces like classrooms and dining halls.

That’s why we’ve put this blog together, to identify how your classrooms could benefit from having a canopy outside.

Protection from the sun

This was one of the biggest issues for schools during the summer heatwave in 2022, as many were forced to close due to classrooms being too hot. But a canopy could help to prevent this issue in the future.

For example, installing a lean-to canopy outside classrooms that are exposed to the sun throughout the year will reduce the amount of glare and heat gain entering.

Therefore, the temperature inside will be much cooler due to the shade provided, ensuring pupils and staff have a much more comfortable learning environment, which boosts their productivity.

As a lean-to is mounted directly to the wall it would likely be the most effective at providing protection from the sun. However, a free-standing frame installed close to the window would also do an excellent job.

Heltwate School Canopy classroom canopy

Shelter from the elements in winter

Classrooms wouldn’t just benefit from a canopy during the warmer months, as they can also provide protection throughout autumn and winter.

An exposed classroom window can be vulnerable to heat loss when temperatures outside are low, particularly on elevations that catch the north-easterly and north-westerly winds.

A canopy can help to provide protection from these elements and ensure the temperature inside remains warmer as a result, especially if it’s fitted with glass or aluminium side panels.

Furthermore, the structure also reduces the risk of slippery ice building up on the ground outside a classroom in winter, helping to keep the area safe for pupils and staff.

Energy efficiency

With a canopy helping to regulate the temperature inside a classroom, this reduces the need for schools to rely as heavily on air-conditioning, central heating and fans.

Of course, there is likely to still be a need for some of these features, especially heating in the winter. But a canopy can help to reduce the amount schools spend on their energy bills, which is a important considerations when budgets are so tight.


When you consider how canopies can help schools maximise their outside spaces and how classrooms can also benefit from them, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular in the education sector in recent years.

If you’d like to discuss a canopy for your school, please get in touch with us here and our brilliant team will be able to assist you!

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