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What are the benefits of a bioclimatic pergola?

By: Oli Birch Category: External Solutions

In an age where al fresco dining has become increasingly popular, it’s never been more important for hospitality venues to maximise their outdoor space with shading solutions like bioclimatic pergolas and awnings.

In fact, research suggests 79% of diners would spend more time at a restaurant, bar or pub if the venue had outdoor dining facilities.

Versatile structures like bioclimatic pergolas can help establishments offer this service, but what are the benefits of installing one? And firstly, what exactly is a bioclimatic pergola?

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

Put simply, a bioclimatic pergola is a structure designed to provide shade and ventilation while adapting to the surrounding climate conditions.

It typically consists of a series of adjustable slats or louvers on the roof that can be opened or closed based on the weather. This feature allows for controlling the amount of sunlight, shade, and airflow that enters the space beneath the pergola.

What are the benefits of a bioclimatic pergola?

While there are a host of benefits to discuss, in this blog we’ll focus on these five in particular:

  1. Return on investment
  2. Temperature regulation
  3. Standing out from the crowd
  4. Protection from the elements
  5. Improved customer experience

Return on investment

Creating a stunning outdoor space is important, but as a business, it’s equally important to get a return on your investment.

And according to Metro, bioclimatic pergolas could help venues do just that, with al fresco dining areas potentially generating an additional £6,000-a-year per seat.

Even if your restaurant, pub or bar only had space for an additional three tables of four underneath the pergola, that could help to significant increase your revenue and therefore generate a quick return on the investment.

Temperature regulation

Away from the possible financial benefit, another key advantage of a bioclimatic pergola is temperature regulation.

Throughout summer, the louvred roof can be closed to deflect sunlight during the hottest parts of the day, preventing solar heat gain and creating a more comfortable dining environment.

However, in the evening once the temperature has cooled, the louvres can be opened to flood the area with light and warmth.

Bioclimatic Pergola

Not only does this create a more enjoyable customer experience, but it also helps to improve a venues energy efficiency. By regulating the temperature and allowing natural light in, bioclimatic pergolas reduce the need to rely on air conditioning, fans and artificial lighting, which can be damaging for the environment and increase energy bills.

Standing out from the crowd

Bioclimatic pergolas give venue owners the opportunity to create fully bespoke and beautiful al fresco dining areas that separate them from the competition and wow diners.

And with research showing how social media influences 80% of consumer buying decisions, ensuring your venue stands out and encourages customers to share the space online is crucial.

Protection from the elements

A key benefit of bioclimatic pergolas is the protection they provide from the weather.

Systems can be equipped with optimal sensors to automatically close the louvres when it starts to rain or depending on the wind and temperature, which is particularly handy given the unpredictable nature of the UK summer.

Furthermore, our bioclimatic pergolas come with integral gutters and downpipes included, allowing rainwater to drain quickly while the louvres are shut and preventing diners underneath from getting wet once the louvres reopen.

Improved customer experience

A well-designed outdoor space with a bioclimatic pergola improves the overall customer experience.

It offers a pleasant environment where guests can enjoy their meals or drinks while being connected to the outdoors.

Furthermore, the versatility of the pergola allows you to create different ambiences, such as an intimate setting for a romantic dinner or an open space for social gatherings, which helps to stand out from the competition even further.

If you’d like to discuss a bioclimatic pergola for your venue, contact us here and one of our expert team will be delighted to assist you.

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