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Green and yellow MAY Schattello Parasols shading a wooden decking patio area at a pub

Five benefits of installing a parasol at your pub

By: Oli Birch Category: External Solutions

Parasols are a simple way of adding another element to your pub garden and improving the space.

And with summer fast approaching, ensuring your establishment is ready for al fresco dining and drinking is incredibly important.

Earlier this year, we looked at five key factors pub owners need to consider before deciding on a parasol for their garden.

Here, we’ve explored five of the benefits of installing a parasol, ahead of what will hopefully be a busy period for your venue.


Parasols have been a staple piece of garden furniture for pubs over the years. While interior spaces and trends have changed, parasols have remained a consistent feature for pubs across the UK.

One of the main reasons for this is because they represent an extremely cost-effective way of enhancing an outside space when compared to a canopy or pergola.

For instance, a 4m x 4m Liberta Telescopic Parasol would likely cost a figure in the region of £5,000-£6,000, with no additional accessories. In contrast, a 10m x 5m WeatherSpan® Lean-to Canopy is approximately double.

Furthermore, parasols are much easier to maintain than a permanent structure, therefore reducing the long-term costs.

Of course, both options have various advantages and disadvantages, but it’s clear to see why parasols are so popular compared to their external shelter counterparts.

MAY Schattello Parasol shading a Rooftop Bar in London on a sunny day


Parasols are an excellent marketing tool for your pub, as the fabric can be printed with the logo, name or colours of your establishment.

Whether it’s situated on a busy beach front or in a quiet village, having your pub branding on a parasol helps to create a distinctive and personalised look for your garden that can be instantly recognised by customers.


Another key benefit is their versatility. Not only can parasols be personalised as we’ve just alluded to, an extensive range of base options, fabrics and umbrellas sizes are available to create a completely bespoke shading solution for your pub. We explore this in greater depth here.

Furthermore, customers can adjust the parasol at will which enhances their experience. If they require protection from the sun, for example, they can have it open, but it’s not a necessity.

Alternatively, if the base is not fixed into an adjacent wall or bolted down, the parasol can be moved around to accommodate larger groups or events.

Pub Parasols

Return on investment

One of the obvious benefits of a parasol is the additional seating you can create in your pub garden from the shelter provided. And with this, comes the opportunity to generate a return on your investment.

For example, taking the 4m x 4m example, the parasol would comfortably provide shelter for four 1.5m square tables, meaning an additional 32 covers would be available.

Therefore, the additional seating would give your pub the chance to host additional customers and start making a return on the initial investment.


Additional accessories can really help to maximise the potential of a parasol and transform your pub garden.

Heaters and LED lighting, for example, can create a warmly lit space that can be enjoyed into the evening and used all year round.

Furthermore, the accessories also act as another marketing tool, by attracting passers-by and creating a space that customers will want to take photos of and post on social media.


From increased revenue opportunities to an improved customer experience, parasols can be an incredibly valuable addition to your pub garden.

If you’re interested in a parasol for your pub or establishment, then contact us here and our expert team will assist you.

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