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Sunrise at Alresford Golf Club

External shelter temperature experiment

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One of the main benefits of an external shelter is the protection they provide from the elements.

But what difference does an external shelter actually make when it comes to temperature?

We used the six Liberta Retractable Roof Systems we installed for Alresford Golf Club to test this.

On Thursday 7th September 2023, we sponsored the 18th hole and the al fresco dining area for their annual Pro-Am event.

The glorious weather on the day gave us the ideal opportunity to conduct a mini experiment to assess the temperature difference on a table in direct sunlight and a table underneath our shelter.

We placed the greenkeepers thermometer on the table in sunshine at 9:51am, with the temperature reading 30 degrees Celsius.

A thermometer showing the temperature at 9:51am

After 11 minutes on the table, the temperature had increased to 40 degrees Celsius. Though this wasn’t the air temperature at the time, it provides an indication of how hot one would feel had they been sat at this table.

A close up image of a thermometer showing the temperature at 10:02am

The thermometer was then moved to a table underneath our retractable roof system in the shade and left for 11 minutes.

Following the spell in the shade, the temperature reduced by 12 degrees down to 28 degrees Celsius, showing a drastic difference to the table in the sunshine and even a reduction in the thermometers initial reading at 9:51am.

A thermometer showing the temperature at 10:14am

Therefore, by significantly reducing the temperature underneath, external shelters can improve occupancy comfort and safety, as well as helping to reduce the reliance on energy sapping HVAC systems.

Alresford Golf Club’s General Manager, David Maskery, believes our external shelters have dramatically improved their outdoor seating area:

“The retractable systems have completed our recent clubhouse refurbishment and now complement our patio area, providing controllable shaded areas for those who prefer not to sit in full sun. Easy to operate and unobtrusive, the pergola now feels like an additional ‘outdoor room’ and has allowed us to increase our patio seating capacity. No more fighting over parasols!”

If you’d like to discuss an external shelter for your outdoor area, please contact us and our expert team will assist you. Alternatively, we discuss the importance of creating a shaded al fresco dining area in a separate blog here.

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