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Enhancing school canopies through creative accessory use

By: Oli Birch Category: Canopies

From providing outdoor learning opportunities to creating additional social spaces, school canopies can be an excellent way to maximise outside space.

But how can accessories elevate a canopy even further?

In this blog, we look at how to enhance a school canopy installation by using a range of accessories creatively.

Locker rooms

For schools with limited space, using a canopy to create a secure locker room could be a game changer. And with 17 per cent of primaries and 23 per cent of secondary schools and sixth forms either at capacity or exceeding it in 2022, perhaps this could offer a timely solution.

Significant parts of school hallways and changing rooms are often taken up by large, bulky lockers. However, school canopies can help to resolve this issue.

By using a combination of either a Lean-to or Apex Canopy with glass side panels, schools can free up the vital space occupied by lockers by moving them into a secure area concealed underneath the canopy.

That’s exactly what Tolworth School did for one of their two canopy installations with us in 2022. We designed and installed our WeatherSpan® Aluminium Lean-to Canopy, measuring 28m x 6m, using toughened glass panels, aluminium glazed doors and a secure lock to create their locker area. You can read all about it here.

Tolworth School Canopy Locker Room

Solar panels

By installing solar panels on the school canopy roof, teachers would be able to demonstrate the positive impacts of renewable energy first hand, inspiring pupils to take these sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

However, not only are there educational benefits that come with installing solar panels on a school canopy, but there are financial ones too.

Relying on the sun’s energy could help schools reduce their bills and possibly generate additional income by selling unused energy back to the national grid.

Though there would of course be the initial outlay of purchasing the panels, in addition to the canopy cost, over time, the energy cost savings are likely to offset the investment.

We identify some of the other benefits to solar powered canopies here.


To extend the usability of the school canopy for early morning or afternoon clubs, a lighting system could be installed.

Restaurant Canopy

LED lights would ensure the canopy remains well-lit to allow staff and students to safely use the space, with cabling neatly integrated within the canopy frame.

Furthermore, schools could open the space up for use outside of school hours and generate additional income through hiring out the space.


Simple and effective, benches can be easily incorporated into the design of a canopy.

Whether its standing freely underneath or built into the legs and spanning the width of the canopy, benches give schools the chance to increase their dining capacity and promote social interactions.

If you’d like to discuss a school canopy installation for your outside space, or you have an existing canopy you’d like to add to, contact us below and our expert team will be delighted to assist.


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