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Bioclimatic Pergola installed on an al fresco dining space for a hotel in London

Bioclimatic pergolas for hotels – What are the benefits?

By: Oli Birch Category: External Solutions

Hotels throughout the UK have been embracing the exponential growth of outdoor dining in recent years.

While the concept is nothing new for the hospitality industry, the post-pandemic boom in popularity means it’s of paramount importance for hotels to create stunning outdoor spaces for guests to frequent.

Brian Montgomery, owner of the luxurious Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas, agrees. Speaking to HOTELS in 2022 in an article about the importance of outdoor dining, he stated:

“Over the past two pandemic years, having outdoor dining venues has become a necessity for hotels and resorts, rather than just a perk.”

But what systems should hotels in the UK consider to enhance their al fresco dining experience?

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Modern and stylish in both appearance and functionality, bioclimatic pergolas are viewed by many as an ideal outdoor shelter for al fresco dining spaces.

A bioclimatic pergola is a dynamic shading solution comprising of motorised slats or louvres on the roof that can adapt to the weather conditions.

Here, we explain why these systems have received such a glowing reputation by exploring some of the key benefits associated with them.

Sunrise on the patio at Alresford Golf Club's Pro Am in September 2023.

Enhancing customer experience

Great customer experience is everything, particularly in the hotel industry. Seldom do guests return to a venue they’ve had a poor experience of.

Therefore, it’s imperative for venues to ensure they nail every step of the customer journey from check-in to check-out. And dining plays a key role in this.

Bioclimatic pergolas allow hotels to create luxurious al fresco dining spots. By extending the comfort of the indoor environment to the outside, hotels are able to construct a truly personalised dining experience to enhance the customer journey.

However, this can only be achieved if hotels put a great deal of thought into the décor and the surrounding environment. Restaurant designers and consultants, StarrDesign, identify three key ways to create a great outdoor dining experience here.

Return on investment

Intertwined with customer experience is the opportunity to generate a return on investment and additional revenue.

A bioclimatic pergola with motorised slats open and zip blinds lowered at a restaurant.

Though it may seem obvious to state, if guests enjoy an al fresco dining experience, they’re more likely to return and encourage their network to visit.

Furthermore, according to Metro, it’s estimated that successful outdoor dining areas could help venues generate an additional £6000-a-year per seat.

Alternatively, hotels could use bioclimatic pergolas as an event space able to be hired for large groups, company events or even weddings.

Again, the success of this relies on the ability of the hotel to do this alongside their day-to-day operation, but it highlights the possibilities available.


Bioclimatic pergolas are incredibly versatile external shelters.

Though primarily used to create outdoor dining facilities and increase restaurant covers, they’re not limited to these functions.

For example, they could be installed as an extension of a hotel’s swimming pool to create a comfortable space to relax. Alternatively, areas like rooftops, gardens or outside meeting spaces can also be ideal spots for installation.

If you’re considering a bioclimatic pergola for your venue, please contact us below and our expert team will happily assist you.


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